A must when you're to UK
Adam the golfer
Toraylac Rainne
On a visit to lovely Maibee charlies and cavaliers
UK Toy dogshow March 31st 2007
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Robin Hood's little helpers
Kristyna and Adam and family
UK Toy dog March 31 2007
ch.Maibee Montrose
ch.Maibee Gentle Touch
Stafford show ground........
Pascavale Bruce
Pascavale Jamie
Loranka's Enchanting
ch.Wandris Entertainer
CC bitch Maibee Gentle Touch
Barsac Sadlers Wells
CC bitch and CC dog
Adam and Ivana at ENGLISH pub
for English dinner
Adam starring at English romance
Adam and "his" car
Adam English Postman
The trip to Jerusalem
oldest English pub
and Kristyna posing
Hey!!! It's time to get back on the route!!!
I am glad to announce we're back and eager for new explorings of cavaliers World.

First trip done to UK the original home of our sweet Cavaliers, we picked as best choise UK Toy dog show held in Stafford end of March.
Weather more than nice enuf for a trip of 4 - Me, my friend Ivana and my daughter Kristyna and son Adam. Adam being such a sweetheart
doesn't mind traveling plane, car...whatsoever, replacing so easily like he was Always there :-) well he almost did!!!!
After a short flight from Prague arrived to Newcastle and......hire a car!! driving first time on "wrong" side of street IS AN EXPERIENCE!!!!
Thanks to kind Europecar rental employees we were able switch from orginaly booked large Mercedes to Renault Scenic which was big enuf
to accomodate our kindergarden, luggage and a push-chair.....Unfortunately it still had a Window! on Right driver's hand on place of a
change gear.......auch :-)........Some drivers found it funny seing "
blond" "women" evidently "from Europe" driving an English car in
England....Some found it messing english streets with unneccesary high number of europeans...Thnks English Gentlemans!!!! anyway after
few minutes in car Me as a Left handed found out it is not so difficult side of street to drive onto and with great help of "main driver" Ivana
keep screaming all 4 days LEFT LEFT (thnks Ivana for your help!!and braveness) we did it safely.

Wondeful visit to home of Maibee cavaliers / Shealagh Waters & Bill Moffat made our day right at the morning!!! Thnks for Great time
Shealagh and Bill !!!!! Beautiful cavaliers and FANASTIC Charlies all in one place is an experience I will remember for long long time!!
Some of best photos to be seen on this page.

Now 4hours of driving on English round crosses and few highways and we are to Toraylac Cavaliers /Caroline A.Gibson at Derby. Review
few lovely newcomers get a dinner and hurry to Stafford - another one half hour of drive and we're HERE.
Quick nap in a BB right next to show ground and we're ready to GO!!!! Wonderfull sunny day and Wonderfull cavaliers to be seen like we're
already used to from past years. Some are the same we saw last years but matured some are new and even more fantastic. See few bests
on photos up here. Adam enjoyed his day out too napping most of the day in warm cozzy push-chair. We're happy to meet few breeders we
already met and happy to meet the ones we wanted but were not lucky for before.
Fantastic finals & seeing ch.Maibee Gentle Touch in action is definitely something to remember. Congratulations to winners!

Our lovely day continue making photos with beautiful yellow daffodils that seems to be everywhere around. Having a dinner in oldest pub in
region and a pint of Guinness is a must to have while visiting UK!!!!!
Shopping for few "very neccesary" things in local store and another night in Stafford and we're back to Toraylac cavaliers to pic my
daughter Kristyna who stays there over the weekend. WHAT a beautifull puppies born before we came!!!! Congratulations Caroline and
we're looking forward new champions in show rings!!!!

A quick visit to Robin Hood in Nottingham and a lunch and oldest pub in English lands "Trip to Jerusalem" down Nottingham castle walls.
We're back on airport and on our way back home to Prague - that was another wonderfull weekend and many lovely memoires to bring in
back home with us.

Looking forward next weekend and French cavalier Club show in Montlucon where is over 500 dogs expected and we're showing!!!!